GRE Vocabulary Preparation

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GRE Vocabulary

Importance of GRE vocabulary and other details you must know

The GRE or the Graduate Record Examination is one of the most popular examinations that validate the verbal, analytical and quantitative abilities of a candidate. The scores of the GRE are accepted across most of the leading academic institutes of the word. Students seeking admission to specialized courses in Masters, Ph.D. or higher-level education need to appear for this test. Most of the international institutions offering courses such as MS, MBA, and other graduate courses also accept this score.

Types of GRE exam

The GRE exam is of two types:

  1. The General Exam

This exam is best for the students who are seeking admission for the MS courses in their respective fields in various parts of the globe. This exam evaluates the analytical writing skills of the candidate, their skills of verbal reasoning and quantitative ability. The tests are conducted round the year and the candidates can choose an exam date as per their best suitability. This demands a strong GRE vocabulary.

  1. The Subject Exam

The Subject exam evaluates the ability of the candidate of specific subjects. In general, candidates need to appear for the subject test if they want to specialize in the following subjects – Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, Biochemistry, and Literature. The exams are scheduled for thrice a year.

GRE test dates and exam patterns

In general, the GRE exams are held thrice a year but there is no fixed date for the GRE exams. Candidates have the flexibility to choose an exam date as per their availability and convenience. The date of exam you choose must be a couple of months prior to the deadline for your first application at the least. So, in case the application deadline is December, then it is better for you to choose a date for the month of October. In case you have a feeling that you should retake the exam, you can do that in November again.

The GRE exam is divided into three main sections – verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning. The entire time of the exam is divided for the candidates to solve these three sections sequentially. It is in these sections that your GRE vocabulary would be put to test.

For the subject paper, questions on topics related to the core subject as chosen by the students are asked.

Validity of scores

Once you qualify for the exam, you will be awarded a scorecard that will be accepted across the global schools for the next five years. That means you can apply to your dream college with your GRE score by five years and will not have to reappear for the exam again.

Importance of strong GRE vocabulary during the exams

GRE is a collection of multiple aspects bound together. One among those holds more importance than the rest – your GRE vocabulary. This is because you cannot master it in a day. It is a slow process and requires continual effort, patience, and determination. Further, there is also a limit to your ability to study words at a specific time. Like, you cannot seriously expect to learn thousands and thousands of words at the last moment.

As of now, you must have understood that there is no shortcut that can help you to become a vocabulary master. Your vocabulary skills can provide you with a lot of advantages during the GRE exam. For example:

  • Verbal Reasoning: The makers of the GRE exam are known to create the tests using advanced vocabulary words that you cannot come across frequently and can easily forget. Vocabulary is one of the strongest weapons to beat the verbal reasoning section. It is a massive section that puts your GRE vocabulary to test. The way you understand words would be put to test through analogies, antonyms, sentence completion, etc. If you want to score high in the GRE exam, you must know what the words mean and how they are used.
  • Analytical Writing: The creators of the GRE exam look for three main things in this section:
  1. The ability of the candidate to effectively articulate the complex ideas in a clear manner
  2. How capable the candidate is of sustaining a well-focused discussion coherently
  3. The skill of the candidate to control the various elements of standard English writing

Choosing the correct answer among multiple-choice options is one thing and writing out a piece is something totally different. It asks you to have a vast collection of words under your grip and have a firm knowledge of how exactly can you use them to excel in this section.

If you want to excel the test, you must extensively focus on your GRE vocabulary. It can provide you with a huge competitive boost during the exam. And if you want to enjoy the advantage, start preparing today. It is okay to go slow but you cannot possibly afford to lose pace. No matter what, you must work on enhancing your vocabulary regularly and learn the important words that can change the results you expect of your GRE exam.

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