GMAT Vocabulary Preparation

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GMAT Vocabulary

How important vocabulary is for GMAT exam

GMAT does not directly test vocabulary words, But you need very strong reading, writing and communication skills to understand GMAT Questions. For that you should have a strong vocabulary to understand your Reading Comprehension questions. In GMAT Exam Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning questions sometime contains very complex vocabulary which you need to know to solve the questions.

How PrepChief can help in GMAT vocabulary preparation

PrepChief offers you very easy to use GMAT vocabulary Preparation App, that is loaded with 1300 most frequently used words in GMAT exam. All these words you can easily learn in span of 30 days by just giving 20 Minute each day. This app helps you in memorizing words by giving you multiple examples and images related to words.

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PrepChief GMAT Vocabulary Builder Features

  • List of 1300 Most Used GMAT Words
  • Visual Content to help in memorizing words
  • Different ways to learn each words
  • 8 Types of quizzes
  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • Flexible Learning Plan
  • Free Access