CAT Vocabulary Preparation

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CAT Vocabulary

How important vocabulary is for CAT exam

CAT (Common Admission Test) is most famous exam in india for MBA course admission. CAT syllabus has 4 section (Mathematics or Quantitative, English or Verbal, Analytical Reasoning & Data Interpretation), In Verbal section vocabulary is very important part, you need to have very strong vocabulary to score well in CAT Vocabulary Section.

How PrepChief can help in CAT vocabulary preparation

Prepchief has almost 1200 CAT Vocabulary Word List, selected based on their appearance in CAT Exam, With this selected word list & PrepChief vocabulary learning app you can easily enhance your vocabulary in few days

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PrepChief CAT Vocabulary Builder Features

  • List of 1200 Most Used CAT Words
  • Visual Content to help in memorizing words
  • Different ways to learn each words
  • 8 Types of quizzes
  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • Flexible Learning Plan
  • Free Access